my mom lives in a safe part of town


but when we went on a late night walk last night it was amazing how many places she thought were dangerous

when i suggested we cross the busy street over to the other neighborhood she was all

oh no no no no, not even in the daytime.

i asked why

she said once your niece went there to scout out some garage sales. one said everything a dollar each.

the niece, 10 yrs old, said nothing was even worth a dollar.

those people dont even tie up their dogs, i was told.

so we walked over by an elementary school. i said look at all these swings for babies.

my mom said, the regular swings are over there. so i said lets walk there.

she said, oh no, they sell drugs over there.

i was all, omg i could use some drugs right now!

but mom ignored me.

people ignore me a lot, ive started to notice.

and they pay attention to the lamest boringist yawners.

maybe that happens to you too.