three years ago today michael jackson died

Michael Jacksoneveryones talking about this new aaron sorkin tv show on hbo

which if you havent seen it is called The Newsroom about the goings on at a place like CNN.

three years ago today at the LA Times, the newsroom was nothing like what sorkins show displayed.

theres drama in any office, be it a startup of 6 people

or a huge corporation of thousands.

but that day the paper ran so smooth.

everyone knew their role, and everyone achieved it perfectly.

geoff boucher only had a few hours to write the front page obit and knocked it out of the park

harriet ryan andrew blankstein chris lee and scott gold fitting all the entertainment, history, medical, and news elements together

the blogging, the editing, the home page designs

and everything just went into overdrive so quickly that it was like this machine that was finally able to

push it,

and when it responded it gave out this flawless hum.

he was rushed to the hospital at 2pm afternoon, just a few hours before print’s deadline and you wouldnt have known it when you read the paper.

i know tv is about drama and sorkin likes to have every person give out all these poetic speeches

like every other second

but what i remember most from an actual newsroom on a huge news day where, CNN (speaking of them) on its crawl, waited for the LAT to confirm the death – thus everyone online came rushing to our site, crippling it for minutes,

was how quiet and focused everyone was.

i guess that doesnt play too well on the boob tube.