five years ago matt good played in vegas in a living room

matt good in vegas playing to fans

to about thirty fans who flew and drove in from various parts of north america.

the venue was a mcmansion 20 minutes from the strip.

at the time i was the editor of LAist so i could blog from whereever

so when matt invited me to spend 4-5 days with him in vegas i was all

hell yeah.

fans singing along to matt good

lots of fun out there. so relaxing.

and so unique to hear a musician in a sparse house playing guitar all day and night,

and singing his new jam.

so when the cd finally came out i knew all the songs pretty well including some of the stories around them

because i ask lots of questions.

the final night matt played to all his fans who made it out to sin city and it was spectacular.

max and jason from current were there and shot this

afterwards we got some chipotle.

photos by duane storey

a terrible cold tried to sneak inside my mouth last night

studio 9

it tickled the back of the throat and tried to make itself comfortable

and i was all dude, really?

for some reason a Vernors ginger ale made its way in my Canada Dry 12-pack case

and sat getting flat on my nightstand and i guzzled it at 4:30am, and drank water

and smoked a cigar, and hacked in the bathroom and listened to GG Allin

and basically showed the cold why it would not be comfortable in my person

but it hung in there.

so i drank some four day old Smart Water thatd been sitting there without a cap on it

it had been rolling around in the trunk of the car for the last few months.

smelled slightly of gasoline and funyuns

then i pulled my own finger

then i listened to billy joel, the new everclear, and old mariah carey.

all while reading the entire paper.

and now im cured.

tgi yawn

happy birthday to dale jr’s favorite musician

canadas favorite son celebrates a birthday today with his beautiful wife

and adorable kids

in his hobbit house on the horse farm

and reminds us that the (north) american dream is alive and well

above the 49th parallel.

anyone who has been lucky enough to spend much time with matt knows

that besides being a musical genius as jr put it a few years ago

todays birthday boy is a no nonsense straight shooter which is refreshing in todays world

of lets just blow smoke at each other forever and ever.

if i ever get married this is a song i hope the band knows.