6 years ago this week on 6/6/06


i became editor of LAist.
the little blog that could.
the cool kids were reading us when i started, but not many more.
but nowadays everyones at least heard of it
so the other day when this guy –
a gentleman who definately tells it like it is –
said, “LAist is the only LA blog in my Reader”
its pretty much the best compliment i could receive.
because sure you can do something good alone,
and sure you can do something good with paid pros,
but to do it with a beautiful group of people
none of whom are being paid
and together you watch it blossom rapidly into something thats a staple
for tens of thousands of people a day.
and to be able to do it in your pajamas?
and it cowers
to no one?
thats something worth celebrating.
i should have a bbq soon.
like in olden times.