a few things todays birthday girl has taught me

1. the beauty of oregon

2. the hotness of necklaces

3. the deliciousness of himalyan food

4. the loveliness of regina spektor

5. the charm of the gilmore girls

6. the magic of sedona

7. the bouquet of geminis

8. how to put the can in cancun

9. how to wear a damn dress

10. you can fight city hall your landlord

11. that style comes from yr heart

12. how to throw a slider

13. how to make the best grits bowl

14. how to rollerskate backwards

15. how to make your company go public in a recession

16. how to completely learn a foreign language in a year

17. how to be real with emotions

18. how to take on the impossible and succeed

19. that i have met my match at scrabble

20. that not everything has to be a battle