1. Friday, June 29, 2012

    a terrible cold tried to sneak inside my mouth last night 

    studio 9

    it tickled the back of the throat and tried to make itself comfortable

    and i was all dude, really?

    for some reason a Vernors ginger ale made its way in my Canada Dry 12-pack case

    and sat getting flat on my nightstand and i guzzled it at 4:30am, and drank water

    and smoked a cigar, and hacked in the bathroom and listened to GG Allin

    and basically showed the cold why it would not be comfortable in my person

    but it hung in there.

    so i drank some four day old Smart Water thatd been sitting there without a cap on it

    it had been rolling around in the trunk of the car for the last few months.

    smelled slightly of gasoline and funyuns

    then i pulled my own finger

    then i listened to billy joel, the new everclear, and old mariah carey.

    all while reading the entire paper.

    and now im cured.

    tgi yawn