all flavors, and push-ups too

there was a time when van halen could do no wrong.

those years were every year while i was in high school.

while a freshman someone brought women and children first into school.

yes, a record. bro brought the record to school. we couldnt play it. we could just look at it. and we did look at it. after school we went to his house and we played it.

nothing in the world sounded like he beginning of “And the Cradle Will Rock” and then “Everybody Wants Some” just knocked us out. Was it the jungle drums? Was it David Lee Roth screaming back there? Was it Eddie totally destroying the Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, Styx world we had all grown up in?

That first day we listened to those two songs over and over jumping around like idiots.

Diver Down was sophomore year and it was a mild disappointment because of the lack of epic rock power, but my senior year was 1984 and to celebrate Van Halen dedicated its most popular album after our graduating class. (as they should)

and even though Jump should have made us all jumping off cliffs, once we had the album there was Panama, Top Jimmy, and the delectable Hot For Teacher. ’84 was a great year for hard rock Motley Crue’s Shout at the Devil, Dio’s The Last in Line, Maiden’s Powerslave, a new band called Metallica came out with Ride the Lightning, Ratt Out of the Cellar, Scorpions Love at First Sting, Yngwie, Whitesnake, I even had the Y&T record

But Van Halen nailed it.

Rarely, a gazillion years after their prime does a band get back together (mostly) and bring as much punch as they did in their heyday. If the reports are true, the brothers Van Halen, eddie & valerie’s boy Wolfgang, and Diamond Dave are going to blow the roof off Staples Center tonight.

Opening act: Kool and the Gang


cya there.