any time zulieka blogs, we are all better for it

this is the beginning of her post tonight:

When we argue, about the most inane petty problems you can imagine, I feel that bits of my life are being shaved off, and the shavings are falling through a grill, and down under that grill the heaps of spent shavings make a hell. Ha, we are spending our life shavings.

it only gets better, read the rest here

in it she questions whether people grow and change when they are in relationships.

i know i change. perhaps devolve is the word.

i know i adjust to whatever the girl has to offer.

but usually i just get lazy.

theres date tony who is amazing. but relationship tony is boring and lame.

when im madly in love i stop writing, i stop blossoming, i just want to sink in to the love and stay there.

i wanna watch movies at home on the couch. i for sure never wanna go out.

i wanna just hold hands and find out every nook and cranny of the gf and make that my world.

its super unhealthy and not every woman is ready for it which is probably why it never works out.

in life we need balance. a healthy diet. a wide range of outside influences and experiences.

and some of those experiences are better lived alone – minus the better half. omg.

but try telling that to some people and you’ll get a frying pan to the noggin.

anyway i think i change way more when im single than when im partnered up.

which maybe is a sad revelation.