1. Friday, June 29, 2012

    five years ago matt good played in vegas in a living room 

    matt good in vegas playing to fans

    to about thirty fans who flew and drove in from various parts of north america.

    the venue was a mcmansion 20 minutes from the strip.

    at the time i was the editor of LAist so i could blog from whereever

    so when matt invited me to spend 4-5 days with him in vegas i was all

    hell yeah.

    fans singing along to matt good

    lots of fun out there. so relaxing.

    and so unique to hear a musician in a sparse house playing guitar all day and night,

    and singing his new jam.

    so when the cd finally came out i knew all the songs pretty well including some of the stories around them

    because i ask lots of questions.

    the final night matt played to all his fans who made it out to sin city and it was spectacular.

    max and jason from current were there and shot this

    afterwards we got some chipotle.

    photos by duane storey