im learning that everything in life is bittersweet

san nic

last night i learned about my high school bud Bob (see post below) after i had such a great time with my college bros out in Venice.

chris, mark, mike, and rob were part of the heart of my hippie friends at ucsb.

like many people i had two sets of friends. in my case i had the newspaper amigos and the thirsty thursday crew.

these grateful dead loving miscreants were there the second i landed in the dorms and we were super close immediately. as in immediately. it was magic. a gazillion years later look at us: well preserved, lovable, successful, and still as idealistic as in back in the day.

last night we at tacos and drank good beer and talked a little about the good old days but not as much as youd think. we have new stuff to talk about.

the reason for the season was that mike was down from santa cruz with his adorable little sons so rob made the hike out from the low desert and i trekked in from pass.

something weird about real solid friends like these that even if you havent seen them in a while you can get back to connecting instantly. i have said many times in this blog that i consider myself so super lucky mostly because of the great friends ive had the pleasure to meet over the years.

so driving home from the wesssside i was in a little glow of good spirits only to have them dashed when i read the sad news from chicago.

but what it did was remind me the same thing im reminded every day: life is so damn fragile and so so so short that we have to drink every drop out of the red solo cup of existence because you never know when the keg will be cashed.

so bring a buck, and yr own cup.