1. Tuesday, June 26, 2012

    ive noticed a trend in certain women 


    i will call these ladies balancers.

    they think they can just set their beverages on the most unusual surfaces

    beds, couches, knees, dashboards, edges, cliffs,

    spinning basketballs

    seal noses.

    which would be fine, but often theres something of great value next to the doomed drink.

    like an original manuscript

    or an iphone

    or a relatively new MacBook Pro.

    its almost as if they have zero disregard for not just gravity

    but the highest form of computerized technology.

    do you know what sort of computer $1,500 bought you just ten years ago?

    todays ipods have larger hard drives and more ram than the fifteen hundred dollar macs of 2002.

    and boo is about to spill her caramel macchiato on it.

    because shes a balancer.

    what if that mac was my first born?

    thats usually what i think.

    what if.