loser of the week probs: brian presley

i have a friend who says every man cheats… except for her boyfriend. shes controversial.

of that im sure.

what im unsure about is the compelling tale of melissa stetten, a 22 yr old LA model,

pictured, above

and brian presley a 34 year old soap opera actor and model,

dissed, below.

what makes this weeks dramady more than the typical she-tweets he-facebooks feud

is it just seems a little too believable. of course he hit on her, of course his game is lacking

and in this modern world, of course she tweeted his flails in real time

because simply put, sometimes the player gets played.

and we know you got played when you go on facebook and type

“My Wife Rocks”.

who knows, i could be wrong. after the jump read ms. stetten’s tweets

then read bro and tell me what you think.

mr presley responded on facebook:

my wife rocks