1. Wednesday, June 27, 2012

    never running again 

    suicide girls HQ

    im torn about this running business.

    only reason im doing it is for the wrong reason.

    im doing it because even though i dont ever wanna rejoin the xbi, i secretly love how they are always coming after me begging me.

    treating me special. offering up gifts. letting me do the unthinkable

    namely talking about the xbi in public and driving a car that advertises the undercover agency.

    but the only way i can remain on their radar as a viable candidate is to:

    remain sexy
    stay in shape
    keep my wits about me
    continue not to give an f

    sadly some of that comes through via physical conditioning – namely running the streets of hollywood with weights on my ankles, crap in my pockets, and uncomfortable shoes.

    normally i withstand the pain but this morning my nipples were sore and my flabby thighs chaffed where the bottoms of my boxers were rubbing against my swimsuit shorts.

    nothing less sexy than a man screaming in the shower because his man boobs are tender.