night jogger

rolls on vine

theres really only two things the xbi and bible agree on

your body is a temple.

the xbi however likes to put moneychangers in the temple, whereas the bible – not so much.

when i run, i prefer to run in the midnight hour through the streets of hollywood.

last night i sped past a hooker whose perfume smelled like a cigar

i saw two bickering bums serenaded by two drunk black kids (but i couldnt place the song)

i heard several cars honking at a double parked rolls on Vine whose passengers were very confused

witnessed a well dressed tall white guy being told by LAPD “you are intoxicated, do you want to go to jail?”

he said no while holding his citation and stormed off north on vine.

his date, seemingly crying, click clacked south on vine, iphone pressed against her hair.

loved the long line of youngsters outside the Music Box at midnight whose marquee said

Tiger Beat Welcome Lil Kim

none of which i woulda seen at the gym