not everything is beautiful tonight

who promised a rose garden?

merle and lucky drank in the haze of a neon bud light light

buzzed from the first two frosty mugs of dos equis, they sipped on their third.

that guy just signed for eighty four million bucks lucky said

that guy asked merle?

that guy said lucky.

and they watched him swing

then they watched the next guy and he swung just like the first one.

how much is that guy getting paid merle asked of the second batter who fouled off one after another.

about 7 mil, lucky said.

only 7,000,000.00. you know they used to have a tv show called the six million dollar man.

if this guys worth seven he better do something special.

lucky said well this guys got a really bad attitude, so i guess thats special.

and unlike the 84 million man, the special fellow hit a home run

to win the game.

and then he flipped off the camera.

a little cheer belched out from the bar.

merle got off the barstool, made his way to the mens room

and peed like everyone else in the sink.