nothing in here is true

  1. Wednesday, June 27, 2012

    Henry Rollins is going to speak at every state capital 

    9/6 Honolulu, HI Hawaiian Brian’s
    9/8 Juneau, AK Arts & Culture Center
    9/10 Olympia, WA The Capitol Theater
    9/11 Salem, OR Historic Elsinore Theatre
    9/13 Sacramento, CA Crest Theatre
    9/14 Carson City, NV Brewery Arts Center
    9/15 Phoenix, AZ Crescent Ballroom
    9/16 Salt Lake City, UT The State Room
    9/18 Boise, ID Knitting Factory
    9/19 Helena, MT Myrna Loy Center
    9/20 Cheyenne, WY Cheyenne Depot Museum
    9/21 Denver, CO Paramount Theatre
    9/22 Santa Fe, NM Sol Santa Fe
    9/23 Austin, TX Scottish Rite Theater
    9/24 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom
    9/26 Pierre, SD TF Riggs High School (“SD BookFestival”)
    9/27 St. Paul, MN Fitzgerald Theater
    9/28 Bismarck, ND Dakota Stage Playhouse
    9/30 Lincoln, NE Rococo Theatre
    10/1 Des Moines, IA Wooly’s
    10/2 Topeka, KS Hills Festival Hall @ Topeka PAC
    10/3 Little Rock, AR Juanita’s
    10/4 Jefferson City, MO Etta & Joseph Miller PAC
    10/5 Indianapolis, IN Egyptian Room @ Old National Centre
    10/6 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion
    10/8 Lansing, MI Cooley Temple @ Thomas M. Cooley Law School
    10/9 Madison, WI Barrymore Theatre
    10/10 Nashville, TN Belcourt Theater
    10/11 Springfield, IL Hoogland Center For The Arts
    10/12 Frankfort, KY Grand Theatre
    10/14 Jackson, MS Duling Hall
    10/15 Baton Rouge, LA Manship Theatre
    10/16 Montgomery, AL Capri Theatre
    10/17 Tallahassee, FL Ruby Diamond Concert Hall @ FSU
    10/18 Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse
    10/19 Columbia, SC Columbia Museum Of Art
    10/20 Raleigh, NC Lincoln Theatre
    10/21 Richmond, VA The National
    10/23 Charleston, WV Culture Center Theater
    10/24 Harrisburg, PA Whitaker Center
    10/25 Albany, NY The Egg
    10/26 Montpelier, VT Alumni Hall @ Vermont College Of Fine Arts
    10/27 Concord, NH Capitol Center for the Arts
    10/28 Augusta, ME Cony High School Auditorium
    10/30 Boston, MA Berklee Performing Arts Center
    10/31 Dover, DE Schwartz Center For The Arts
    11/1 Providence, RI Lupo’s
    11/2 Hartford, CT Webster Theater
    11/3 Trenton, NJ New Jersey State Museum Auditorium
    11/4 Annapolis, MD Rams Head On Stage
    11/5 Washington, DC 9:30 Club

  2. Tuesday, June 26, 2012

    ive noticed a trend in certain women 


    i will call these ladies balancers.

    they think they can just set their beverages on the most unusual surfaces

    beds, couches, knees, dashboards, edges, cliffs,

    spinning basketballs

    seal noses.

    which would be fine, but often theres something of great value next to the doomed drink.

    like an original manuscript

    or an iphone

    or a relatively new MacBook Pro.

    its almost as if they have zero disregard for not just gravity

    but the highest form of computerized technology.

    do you know what sort of computer $1,500 bought you just ten years ago?

    todays ipods have larger hard drives and more ram than the fifteen hundred dollar macs of 2002.

    and boo is about to spill her caramel macchiato on it.

    because shes a balancer.

    what if that mac was my first born?

    thats usually what i think.

    what if.

  3. Monday, June 25, 2012

    three years ago today michael jackson died 

    Michael Jacksoneveryones talking about this new aaron sorkin tv show on hbo

    which if you havent seen it is called The Newsroom about the goings on at a place like CNN.

    three years ago today at the LA Times, the newsroom was nothing like what sorkins show displayed.

    theres drama in any office, be it a startup of 6 people

    or a huge corporation of thousands.

    but that day the paper ran so smooth.

    everyone knew their role, and everyone achieved it perfectly.

    geoff boucher only had a few hours to write the front page obit and knocked it out of the park

    harriet ryan andrew blankstein chris lee and scott gold fitting all the entertainment, history, medical, and news elements together

    the blogging, the editing, the home page designs

    and everything just went into overdrive so quickly that it was like this machine that was finally able to

    push it,

    and when it responded it gave out this flawless hum.

    he was rushed to the hospital at 2pm afternoon, just a few hours before print’s deadline and you wouldnt have known it when you read the paper.

    i know tv is about drama and sorkin likes to have every person give out all these poetic speeches

    like every other second

    but what i remember most from an actual newsroom on a huge news day where, CNN (speaking of them) on its crawl, waited for the LAT to confirm the death – thus everyone online came rushing to our site, crippling it for minutes,

    was how quiet and focused everyone was.

    i guess that doesnt play too well on the boob tube.

  4. Sunday, June 24, 2012

    sometimes theres nothing you can do 

    sometimes the pretty girl wants to join the dark side.

    they may think its cute or sexy or interesting or wild

    but you and everyone of their friends are all wtf

    why is she doing that?

    and you may ask her, and she’ll say

    what else am i supposed to do?

    which is interesting because when i look though the areas of my life that i have struggled with over the last few years

    my laziest excuse has always been

    what else am i supposed to do?

    knowing all along that the simple answer has always been

    the opposite of what youre doing now


    people dont want to change.

    not even the sweetest most lovably talented angels in your life.

    the dark side and mediocrity and safety in slow and steady misery is sexy for some and theres nothing at all that you i can do about it.

    id become a smoker but thats darkside too.

  5. Saturday, June 23, 2012
  6. my favorite magazine Black Webmaster asked me these questions 

    Describe yourself in one sentence.
    Not what you think.

    If you could give one piece of advice to yourself at 10 years old, what would it be?
    Put down the saxophone, pick up the guitar.

    When was the last time you had your heart broken?
    may fourth.

    What method of technology do you use to stay informed?
    The smiles of pretend cheerleaders.

    What is your favorite … Guilty pleasure:
    Jersey Shore

    Coen brothers movie:
    Raising Arizona

    Historical figure:
    Sarah Palin

    Bacon wrapped hot dogs after a drunken concert

    Aspect of your career:
    fan mail


    Wild animal:
    we broke up

    What was the first job you ever had?
    mcdonalds, santa monica

    What is the best prank you’ve ever had pulled on you?
    high school.

    after workWhat was the last … Album you bought:
    Ugly Kid Joe, “Motel California

    Movie you saw:
    Moonrise Kingdom

    Lie you told:
    Surely the light was yellow a minute ago.

    Concert you attended:
    Van Halen

    Book you read:
    Slash’s autobiography

    Person you kissed:
    She kissed me.

    Major purchase:
    Bleacher seats at Wrigley Field with my longtime buddy Bob

    Drug you took:

    Action you regretted:
    Missing my plane to Chicago last week.

    What is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?

    Pencil or paint?

    Rain or shine?

    Dylan or Bach?

    Blond or brunette?

    Salty or sweet?

    Admit or deny?

    Day or night?

    East or West?

    Dangerous or safe?

    Messy or clean freak?
    I’m messy, but I’d rather be clean.

    Optimist or pessimist?

    Wild or tame?

    Poetry or prose?

    Fact or fiction?

    Hemingway or Fitzgerald?

    Ocean or Mountains?
    Tie: The Ocean, Led Zep; Mountain Song, Jane’s Addiction

    Clinton or Reagan?
    Chelsea <3