1. Sunday, June 24, 2012

    sometimes theres nothing you can do 

    sometimes the pretty girl wants to join the dark side.

    they may think its cute or sexy or interesting or wild

    but you and everyone of their friends are all wtf

    why is she doing that?

    and you may ask her, and she’ll say

    what else am i supposed to do?

    which is interesting because when i look though the areas of my life that i have struggled with over the last few years

    my laziest excuse has always been

    what else am i supposed to do?

    knowing all along that the simple answer has always been

    the opposite of what youre doing now


    people dont want to change.

    not even the sweetest most lovably talented angels in your life.

    the dark side and mediocrity and safety in slow and steady misery is sexy for some and theres nothing at all that you i can do about it.

    id become a smoker but thats darkside too.