sweet home chicago

wrigley scoreboard

the crazy thing is i think about the cubs and wrigley field every day.

multiple times a day.

so youd think that my mind would build it up to be bigger than it really is

and that nothing could live up to the expectations and fantasies that i have about it.

yet last night in the bleachers with my oldest fried drinking old styles eating hot dogs

eating nachos talking to red sox fans

with my shirt off

on a warm summer night in chicago

was the absolute definition of perfection.

i need to do this way more often.

and theres no way im gonna let SIX YEARS slip by without coming here again.

me at wrigley

and yes i brought my glove.

and i also brought a cheater ball in case i caught a home run ball hit by the red sox

so that i could throw back the cheater ball

and bring home the home run ball