1. Saturday, June 2, 2012

    that sound you heard was millions of boys hearts breaking 

    sir charles and mad ponyas madpony kristin got married last night.

    i forgot to get a present until the last minute

    and i knew shaq, charles, and kenny were in OKC for the playoffs

    so i called up the round mound of rebound and said would you mind

    he said this is a turrrrrible idea

    i asked why?

    he said i bet she wont even know who i am.

    i was all, omg shes a boomer sooner so shes down with AP

    why wouldnt she be all LOL its sir charles?

    he said, but what if she doesnt LOL?

    america, kristin was stunned.

    anyways from all reports everything went off without a hitch

    well, they did get hitched, but everything went smoothly.

    and if you notice, charles was even so chill he unbuttoned his top button,

    something i have never seen him do ever

    congrats baby!