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sometimes everything works out.

i needed a housesitter or two because my mom won all these cubs tickets for this week coming up

sunday cubs vs red sox

tuesday cubs vs white sox

i was all, thats great but i cant get any time off.

my boss was all, no prob, take all the time you want.

but then i was all ma i cant get a housesitter that quick and knock knock

a former xbi agent needed a place to hide out at and no better crib than mines.

so i guess im flying on a jet plane and soon will be looking at the greg mcilvane portrait of me soon.

ate a delicious dinner with the truest, chilled with chris and hilary who will be celebrating

20 years of marriage(!) this weekend. and tomorrow looks like hiking with karisa.

nice way to coast into a little vacay. which i need. im pooped.

it will be my first time at wrigley in 6-7 years.

heres a funny story: when i was a kid bleacher seats were $3. by kid i mean high school.

today i looked at what the cheapest price for bleachers are on stubhub: $133 for two.

the older i get the less i understand.