today is my truest’s birthday, shes 24

chris next to the raging river

born, not made, todays birthday girl is a precious gem like no other.

mademoiselle spurnikova came to earth in a burning basket of love and crash landed in the backyard of a navy seal and his wife not too far from sea world in san dieger.

they raised her as their own, but everyone knew she exuded a special kind of love from her ridiculously blue eyes.

ive known her a billion years and ive seen miracles created because of her otherwordly hands, and her generous heart, and even from her soothing voice.

while in africa the tribespeople said sister christine (they thought she was a saint) this river is dry, which rhymes with die, which we will all be, oh such a pity.

and chris spread open her arms and said omg river wtf

and like that it came rushing back, and that picture was snapped.

in the gazillion years that we’ve known each other we’ve done a million things in a billion places all over the globe.

for the next two years she’ll be in new mexico to get her masters in saving the world.

i will miss her very much. LA was better with her here.

if you noticed, even carmaggedon was no big deal.

that was her birthday gift to us.