my truest has flown the coop

sold some stuff. packed some stuff. burned some stuff.
and skeedaddled outta town this afternoon before the sun set.
LA was never really the best fit for her she’d say.
she made some good friends here but some of them moved away too.
geminis can adjust in many worlds but especially after ruling over afrique
hollywood just isnt as magical, fantastical, superspiritual
and thats ok, LA knows it aint all that.
but will always be here for when she comes to visit.
wheres she going?
wheres she not going.
shes going to where things are new.
shes going to where eggs are blue.
shes going to where theres more of whats good
and shes going to bring some special goodness
so if the LA night feels a little light,
it is.

hello moon

hello moon

this old man was guarding the corner of hollywood and vista
he was looking at the moon and sitting on a portable chair.
the kind youd probably bring to a golf tournament or a parade.
just two legs that fold and a nice little round circle for yr booty.
he had a fishing hat on, a members only jacket, and a walkman.
he had his earbuds in and he was looking east.
all these young people in yoga pants and shorts
were powerwalking all around him
dogs in tow, weights on their ankles,
iphones every one of them.
they were coming from or heading to the crazy hiking trail
that spiraled up to the stars
so you could look down at them.
at one point the moon just had to get up into the sky
above the good year blimp, above the x games,
above the sky scrapers and summer heat
and was all ladies and gents
moon’s in the house.
all of us on the hill
and the old man below it
were all nice.

six years ago today the BET awards were in town

and fancy pants had just gotten a gig running LAist

and somehow scored passes to the Interscope after party

being held at i believe the Los Angeles, a beautiful old theatre.

karisa was all hey ive got a new dress

and i was all omg and i’ve got my eye on a ridiculous hat

so we went drank danced gawked and judged.

on the way to the taxi stand i shot this quickie post interview

my does time fly

happy canada day canada

poutine at mcdonalds

i had the weirdest dream last night. true story. i dreamt that i helped win the stanley cup last night.

crazy thing is, i dont dream. so to have a dream all by itself is a miracle

but to have one on canada day about winning the stanley cup

knowing full well, even in the dream, that the LA Kings had just won the cup

was an odd bird indeed.

as we won we all started thinking about what we would do with the cup. every player gets one day with it.

at first i thought id take it to isla vista, a magical land where celebrations are common

but itd be hard to find anyone there who would even know what it was.

and theyd probably either light it on fire next to a couch or make a bong out of it.

then i thought maybe id take it to Wrigley Field, holiest place on Earth,

but then i worried that they might throw it back.

and then i thought why dont i fly to vancouver party with the bc crew

and fill it with poutine and let everyone eat out of it.

then get a private jet so i could go to edmonton and saskatchewan and quebec

where we’d fill it with more poutine and jet to toronto

and eat out of it all over town.

end the night by filling it with beer and watching everyone

puke in the street.

happy canada day!