a year ago today i was so sad i didnt even post on the busblog

people think xbi agents dont ever get sad but we’re people too.

in fact some things make us super sad.

for example a year and a day ago i was picking up flowers at the flower mart

which is just a few blocks away from downtowns skid row.

and i saw this man laying on the rocks by a beautiful tree.

a tree so beautiful they built the road around it.

these werent any old rocks you’d want to nap on.

in fact some would argue they were specially designed rocks so uncomfortable

that no way would you ever want to lay down on them.

anti-homeless rocks the box probably said.

but a year and a day ago that guy was laying on those terrible rocks and it all made sense

and it made me very sad.

so i took a picture so i would never forget.

and then i walked over to see if he was bleeding or dead

and when i got over him, he squinted,


and went back to sleep.