went to the dentist

went to the car dealer

did laundry

threw out three bags of crap

pushed garbage pails to the curb

took a risk


cancelled then uncancelled car insurance

wrote a pretty girl


listened to my favorite podcast



the kills cover crazy

your pal ali points out this sweet cover of the big patsy cline hit crazy

by the us/uk duo the kills

some people recall that mr willie nelson wrote this tune

but its hard to believe he write it 51 years ago(!)

whats crazier is after willie wrote it, William Marvin Walker aka Billy Walker turned it down.

so willie sent it to patsy and it went to #2 in the country charts.

what was #1? a tune that spent 19 weeks at the top of the charts but didnt have the staying power over the decades

Leroy Van Dyke’s “Walk on By”


what kind of song was that anyways?

yes, a bad song.

barack obama came to my door yesterday

barack obama and eagle

i was all, omg hi!

he was like tony i need you to blog more.

i was all but but

he went no, no buts, more blogging, and be better. do weirder things. report if you have to. funk it up. change things around. be more prolific. more creative. how come you havent talked to any inanimate objects lately? where are your original videos? why havent you interviewed anyone amazing. you know amazing people! why must you be selfish about the things that happen in and around your person. you are here to document and share what you get to do. why must you keep it all to yourself!?!?!

i was all uh

then the bald eagle squawked disapprovingly.

then barack obama said, i hope you can change.

and they flew off into the distance

leaving behind a rainbow trail of health insurance

and dead talibans.

and even though it was summer the leaves changed colours

and some fell onto my lush lawn.

after a while a little kid offered to pick up the leaves for a small fee.

and i could hear the eagle cry


my nutritionist had a small bash at her home for the 4th


and almost to taunt me she whips out

super fancy whipped cream.

but not just any super fancy whipped cream.

super fancy alcohol infused whipped cream

and then shoots it into her mouth.

as if she would let me get away with such shenanigans.

but before all that went down, i got to meet someone who i never really thought

id ever meet ever.

X T X !!!!!

she was all twittering me and i was tweeting back

but i didnt think she was being for serious.

and then all of a sudden at the foot of the balcony there she was

and to be honest not at all what i expected (i thought she was black – like mariah)

instead shes asian (like lisa liu)

and we hugged and said hi but then the fireworks were gonna go

so we peaced out. super fast but super nice. yay!!


she says it was 12 years that we’ve known each other via the interweb

but i think it was longer than that.

i think it was not 2000, but like 1994ish

back in the days where AOL charged you by the hour

and people had 14.4 and 28.8 modems that were slow as the dmv

you aged waiting for stuff to load.

i would click a button and make a sandwich.

i made a lot of sandwiches.

anyways XTX is real people. and awesome. horray!!