enter title here

i would do it.

why not.

my name backwards is y not.

my heart backwards is !

my dreams backwards are ???

lesser than backwards is >

you with me backwards is HI!




whos that

once i had a recycling center

right there in my kitchen

but i turned it into a time machine

so i could zoom into the future

the future backwards is

very confusing

because you dont know whats gonna happen

but you sure as hell

know where it came from

but you find out too late to punch the bad guys.

go ben frank go

what is my favorite podcast?

i like jessicas yes jessica, of course, duh

but the one i find myself listening to all the time is The Minutes which is done by <3 Patience <3 from The Grates

and her friend Melinda Buttle who is a comedianne.

they’re young australian ladies with the best accents and funny tales of fights, shows, one eyed cats, food, fast food, and aussieland

i like it because it takes me to a new world.

also its nice to hear girls talk in foreign lands.

other day on the minutes (whose ringtone is my ringtone, fyi) they had the new drummer dude of the grates on

and he was talking about Ben Franklin. now the drummer dude seems like  a good man. and hes american. but i was wondering if it was rude to bring up a non-president like Ben on a podcast in australia with two nice aussie ladies?

how are they supposed to know anything about ben?

after the dude said that ben went to prostitutes and may have had slaves (i dont think he did either), one of the ladies asked which dollar bill he was on (cute). and when they were told, they said “maybe he should be demoted to the $1”.

oh the minutes.