i want it in writing, i owe you nothing

twenty five years ago to-day the last great Replacements album came out.

“Pleased To Meet Me” opened with ripping guitar and a smack of a snare drum from “I.O.U.”

begging to “get me out of this stinkin fresh air”

while defiantly advised the listener to never do what your told.

the album had minor hits with “Alex Chilton” (which appears on a Rock Band 2 game)

“Skyway” is so gorgeous.

The most notorious song was “The Ledge”

when it was banned by MTV because of its suicidal lyrics

but I guess no one in NYC actually read how the big single of the album

“Can’t Hardly Wait” ends

heres the demo version, first recorded for the “Tim” album where you can hear the lyrics better

I’ll be there in an hour
It’d take half a month there on foot
Watering hole, scummy water tower
Said I’ll avoid if I could

I’ll be sad in heaven
You won’t follow me there

Jesus rides beside me
And never buys any smokes
Hurry up, hurry up, I’ve got enough of this stuff
Ashtray floors, dirty clothes, filthy jokes

Lights that flash in the evening
I guess we’ll follow them there

I’ll be sad in heaven
If I don’t find a hole in the gate
Climb on to the top of this scummy water tower screamin’
I can’t hardly wait
I can’t wait…

’til it’s over

Pleased to Meet Me and Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation were easily the main stepping stones for grunge which would come just a few years later.

hello tony, who does the “i’m back, back in the new york groove” song in that commerical

ace frehleys solo album

when Kiss were at its peak, the ever shrewd Gene Simmons convinced the band

to each make solo records

Gene’s album was terrible, but it reached #22 on the album charts because the year was 1978 and everyone was high off weed. his single was “Radioactive”. guest stars like Cher, Bob Segar and Joe Perry were on it. it had the best cover art. gene didnt even play bass on it.

Paul had the second most successful single off the four solo albums, the miserably sappy oh-so 70s afterschool special-esque “Hold Me, Touch Me (Think Of Me When We’re Apart)”. His album barely broke the Top 40.

Peter Criss had the only solo album where Casablanca released two singles. The first was the middle of the road “Don’t You Let Me Down” which you’d never guess came from a rock star. You can understand why the label was quick to release the second single “You Still Matter to Me” with lyrics like this:

I ain’t no good at talkin’
So girl I’m tellin’ you straight
My heart feels just like an orphan
I hope I’m not too late

The record bombed.

Ace had actual rock songs on his album including “Snow Blind” which was later covered by Skin Yard and “Ozone” which the Foo Fighters covered on a b-side.

But his hit was “New York Groove” which was written by secret classic rock songwriter Russ Ballard who also penned Rainbow’s “Since You’ve Been Gone”, Santana’s “Winning”, and “God Gave Rock & Roll To You” which Kiss covered in 1991 for the film “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”.

Because life isn’t fair, AT&T does not use the Frehley version in their recent commercial.

Instead it chose to use the original version from the UK glam group Hello who had a british hit with the tune three years earlier in 1975.

regardless, now you know why bands dont get to release 4 solo records in one year any more.