today is xTx’s birthday, shes 33

born on another dimension, in another time, in a different star system

xTx was sent to this planet to shake up the blogosphere and delight readers

with adult rated tales of beach life in southern california.

but unlike all the others and the fakers and the wanna be’s

ironically, xTx, is the real deal, despite never revealing her true identity.

one thing lead to another on Independence day and after decades yours truly was lucky enough

to meet the woman behind the writing and it was fantastic.

fireworks exploded, bottles were popped, and fortunately no animals were hurt.

karisa was mere feet away but was busy, it was like a Snuffleupagus sighting

only i saw.

it was for my eyes only.

later i saw some graffiti on an electric box and i said ah someone else musta seen her too

i wonder if they knew.

happy birthday xTx! keep leading the way!

beat the sun


she said if we hurry we can beat the sun


parked on hollywood, ran up poinsettia through the hood and in the park

prayer box

ran ran ran up the little hills and medium ones


and she said almost there

sunset bros

and there it was, waiting for us

so i was all now what

she said lets run back down

big bench

before all these nice sweet people


turn back into