the silver lake circuit city is being turned into what?

funny cat is funnyi pass by this abandoned circuit city every day

and i think about what could go there:

an arcade

a burger mall so each of the best LA hamburgers can be under one roof

a rock club

a goldfish rescue center

a preschool by day, metal club by night

a hipster museum

a soul food restaurant named Damn Tony

a starbucks

a free clinic

a drive through mcdonalds where you actually drive through the mcdonalds

but instead they are making it offices for a nearby hospital.


was blown away and inspired by Christian Hosoi last night

christian hosoi at kpcc

superstar skateboarder Christian Hosoi, who used to kick Tony Hawks tail regularly,

was so heavily involved in drugs from an early age that one day it caught up to him,

and he got popped at the airport with hella drugs and was given 10 YEARS IN JAIL.

almost as soon as he got into jail – and this is a guy who as a teen had it all:

money, fame, access to anything, girls, and bragging rights of being the best skater on the globe

became a born again Christian.

he said almost as soon as he opened the bible that he got it.

(it reminded me of the story of when Buddha lifted the lotus flower and everyone in attendance were enlightened)

he even said last night that he quit drugs that day first day in the joint

and never experienced any negative physical reaction to suddenly not being on coke,

weed, ecstasy, acid, booze, crack, or crystal meth

all drugs that were coursing through his magical veins.

i was lucky enough to talk with him for about 5 minutes before he spoke to the KPCC audience.

our little talk was intense and mostly about Romans 8.

but an hour later he was preaching to the full house and it was seriously powerful.

i lived tweeted it. it awaits you after the jump:

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what if it doesnt get better

hope fading people ask me questions. Lord knows why.
problem with asking me things is i just may tell you the truth.
sometimes the ugly truth.
sometimes i’ll say it in a harsh cold unflowery midwestern way.
some people appreciate that style,
especially here in LA where bs is valued
to those who have extremely low self esteem
and wanna believe in magic and unicorns.
the truth is the only magic in life
is based in hard work at the right time
with committed people for the right things.
and lots of it.

if your car is stuck in the mud
it doesnt matter how hard you hit the gas.
sometimes you have to do something different.
like get out of the damn car.

but getting out of the car for some people involves
admitting theres a problem, willingness to get dirty
and acknowledging that plan A isnt working.
some freak out with that.

what if it doesnt get better i was asked?
what if we just get older
and balder and fatter and slower
and more out of touch
and things only get worse?

what if hope, like the sticker on the back of my girlfriends VW
just keeps fading and eventually peels off?

what if the environment gets filthier and housing costs get more out of reach
what if the economy never truly rebounds?

what if she never realizes im the man for her?

yesterday i was asked a variety of questions like those
by several very sweet people.

my answer to all of them was probably not what they were looking for.

i said

when we die

we go to heaven.

in the meantime, suck it up whiner.

tinted windows dont mean nothin they know who’s inside


omg was that a crazy day or what. so many ups n downs.

a few super low lows and a quite a few really high highs.

as as libra they say that we just want the smooth mellow middles

but i gotta say sometimes – ESPECIALLY WHEN IT ENDS NICE – its ok to have highs n lows.

lets talk about the highs: all of them: they were so sweet

people are so sweet to me. i forget that that is bound to happen sometimes, but is is somehow!

also, i got to meet, talk with, and then live tweet skateboard hero Christian Hosoi

who was Tony Hawks biggest rival for a while, and beat him, and all was well

even all the drug taking and boozing, etc, until he got caught up in Crystal Meth.

and then he got popped at the airport with drugs and did time in prison. years!

but right away he got it about the bible. like super got it. like omg got it.

we talked about Romans for a quick minute, which was odd cuz i just finished it.

and i said, dude Romans ruled and you should relate cuz Paul (the narrator of Romans) was in jail too.

Christian Hosoi didnt even blink, he was all hell yeah .

im gonna go to Christian’s church on Sunday. im sold. dude was so inspirational.

he just kept going last night as if he was filled with the holy ghost just that day!

it was a wonder. everything he said just flowed out and it was awesome.

no stuttering, no forgetting of words, no ums or omgs nothing but pure focused laser power.

it was hard to keep up.

afterwards i went to sushi with karisa and we kept it real with each other

which isnt something we always do, but we gave each other permission to bring it and it was broughten

and it was nice. it resolved perfectly. we both got to say some tough things

and in the end everything worked out exactly how it should and it was nice nice nice.

im still the luckiest man alive. somehow. oddly. weirdly. unpredictably.

and so gratefully.