congratulations Teamthatcannotbenamed


people may have wondered why there was no busblog fantasy baseball league this year
it was because i havent been winning lately and im ridiculously competitive.
so i trimmed my leagues from 14 to 7
and decided i wouldnt commish any of them.
i think its been 3 years since ive won a baseball league.
and i sometimes come in last place in Rotisserie Style fantasy
so when i got Teamthatcannotbenamed i didnt even realize it was that style
(as opposed to Head-to-Head) so i was all, im doomed.
But I luckily picked up Mike Trout off waivers when he was still in AAA
and i also got lucky with Trevor Plouffe
and who knew Matt Kemp (my #1 pick) would be the right guy to chose over Puljos.
my pitching staff was all Angels, but i had to adjust that to incude Peavy and Capuano
still i have way too many Losses for my liking, and not enough Wins
but strangely i dont think the guy in 2nd place realizes theres a max on Innings Pitched
because he’s not going to be able to start any pitchers come September.
which is fine but it means i cant have any losses that month
anyways congrats, hardest league im in because theres 10 infielder slots.
and Put Outs and Assists.
Busblog League #1 2013 is going to have this exact same set up.
I love it, super hard.

murray asks what do you do when everythings working

venice beach

and then it isnt.
and nothing you do fixes it.
you try one thing.
and then try a totally opposite thing.
and neither thing works?

well murray, if thats yr real name,
i dont think you tried the totally opposite thing.
if the problem involved, lets say, a saw
and you’ve been trying to use a hammer
and your version of the totally opposite thing
is just a bigger hammer, or a dutch hammer
or a little baby hammer
thats not truly trying something different.

think about what youre totally avoiding doing.

then think about what your arch enemy would do
think about what your grandma would do
think about what a man from mars would do
think about what youd do if you were left handed
or kenyan
or buggs bunny
or elvis.

do it like elvis and it might start working.

tony’s weekend press conference

venice beach lookin cool

i read a story about how when Robert Smith takes The Cure on the road,
his personal assistant is only allowed to email him questions that could be answered
with either yes’s or no’s.
i dont care if the story is true because i think IT’S GENIUS
so lets review the weekend

Q. So Tony did you go to the beach this weekend?
A. Yep.
Q. Did you go to a concert this weekend?
A. Hell yeah.
Q. Did you work out this weekend?
A. If riding an old heavy one-speed bike counts as a work out, yes!
Q. Did you have brunch with two beautiful blondes?
A. Avec mimosas!
Q. Did you play video games?
A. Oui!
Q. Did you clean your house?
A. Si!
Q. Did you do your dishes?
A. Shhhhhh (yes)
Q. Did you read the bible?
A. Does a bear ish in the woods?
Q. Which book are you on?
A. First Corinthians.
Q. Did you go to Christian Hosoi’s church?
A. No, hopefully next Sunday.
Q. Do you love me?
A. Probs