Bob and the Monster was screened last night at KPCC

i was lucky enough to get to meet Bob Forrest who was as sweet as you could imagine

he saw my Cubs hat and was all, hey Cubbies!

he hugged so many of the audience members.

seemed to know a good deal of them.

he told great stories.

and then the movie started, and it was a great glimpse of LA in the 80s

when Janes Addiction, Fishbone, the Red Hots and Thelonious Monster ruled Hollywood

and you could see why Bob would become a junkie.

and why so many in the scene became dependent on drugs + alcohol.

and why a few died.

Bob should have died. but thankfully he didn’t.

and thankfully he turned into one of the strongest allies for people wishing to go to recovery.

what a great film, what a cool guy.

love yr idols.

what do you wanna do: everything


some things you cant fight.
some things are two magnets pulling as hard as possible
no matter that one thing getting pulled is a semi truck
and other other thing is an air craft carrier.

some things are super natural
as in very natural
as in the most natural things in the world.

but some things pull a switcharoonie between
aircraft semi truck
and super natural.

sometimes i think switcharoonies
are the new normal.
sometimes i think youve gotta expect
the switcharoonie.

and sometimes i think
bring it on,

which is usually when the semi hits me