went drinking after work with coworkers and was asked

“so did you have a nice week”?

mama mia how does anyone even look back that far?

it was a rocky road but it lead to friday which is here.

hi, here.

i got to interview my favorite movie theater manager about the Batman movie

and whether he will still wear his Batman costume despite other theaters telling patrons

that they cant wear a costume to the movies cuz of that asswipe in colorado.

(he will)

i got to drive deep into the valley and experience a warm Chatsworth night.

and i got to play this very odd game with a young lady on facebook

who seems to have a hard time just saying sure lets have some drinks

Tuesday, at the bar of your choice (the 4100).

instead she makes me wait days and weeks for a reply on her Facebook mail.

i think people may think that i dont have the patience.

oh i have the patience. Cub fans acquire the patience eventually.

not only are some things worth the wait.

sometimes the waiting is the best part.

dont fear the creeper


Lucy: Do you talk like you blog, in real life? I keep imagining that you do. I was born in LA, but I don’t remember living there, is a rule about that? Am I from there?

In real life I parlez vous Francais. I only blog to practice my English. funny, i was born in Washington D.C. and don’t remember none of that neither.

4rillaNext weekend I am coming from brooklyn to LA for my first LA wedding. I know neither the groom nor the bride any suggestions? Also I fly out late Monday night on the redeye, according to foursquare your fave sushi spot is right near LAX? I might stop in.

you’re flying across the country for a wedding and you dont know the principals? interesting. so you have two paths. you can either be the new guy they’ll never forget (get them a $200 gift certificate to my fave sushi spot); or you can be the new guy they’ll forget immediately (get them a a $50 iTunes Store gift card in a Snoopy greeting card).

Aaron VWhat’s your favourite bit of sports or music memorabilia?

your boy Matt Good had a guitar tech during his Hospital Music tour who does all the AC/DC tours. bro handed me one of Angus Young’s guitar picks after i salivated over Matt’s Gibson SG. i keep it in my wallet to remind myself im the luckiest man alive.


Etienne Aida Reyes Le Blancwhat feels better, breathing in, or breathing out?

im a selfish american dog. thus i like breathing in.

David: Dempster to la? garza to the evil empire?? if you were uncle epstein, where, or would you trade these folks to?

if i was running the cubs id trade away everyone today who cost me money and load up on top prospects. with LaHair, Campana, Rizzo, Starlin and Barney, the Cubs have the best young core in baseball. but they’re not going to gel in a year or two so trade trade trade and be patient.

Douglas ArellanesNow that you’ve had your sweeeeet ride a few months and had a chance to take it to Vegas a few times, what’s your verdict on it?

the american muscle car is back. with some tweaks from the xbi, the machine is fantastic. best investment ive ever made. only problem is is that the stereo doesnt get loud enough. and you cant see when you back up. and the A/C isnt super cold. and the gas mileage is crap. but damn is it fast.

JackassJimmyEver find yourself missing the hilarity of an herbal adventure?

i do my best not to miss anything. if i want something i will go get it. the only things i really ever miss is wrigley field and my momma. everything else can be satisfied in some way here in hollywood. sorry, Uva.

Jessica ThompsonWhy do people who believe in horoscopes go so crazy on social media when it’s “retrograde” or whatever?

retrograde is an excuse for why things are cray. many people would rather blame anyone other than themselves for when things become crappy. thus retrograde is the perfect sacrificial lamb. so its retrograde right now? that explains it.

Tracey ConleyWhat song didn’t Johnny Cash cover that he should have?

thats easy: “Ride On”, off Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap. but what’s easier is what song did he cover that he probably shouldn’t have: “Danny Boy“.

AlysonI finish university this year – can we meet up and party someplace nice to celebrate?

i dont think yr ready for my jelly.

patzaphIceland is in the north Atlantic, it’s capital city is Reykjavik. What are the odds of Roberto Luongo being traded to the Blackhawks?

Hawks don’t need him. Thus, a good chance.

Guy GottliebAre you still an ordained minister….and can I count on you to perform my marriage when/if I get married?? #Rabbiswanttoomuch

I am still ordained. I think it’s a life sentence. I’m pretty much in retirement for performing marriages. I did Bonnie and Charlie’s way back when and that’s worked out, but the whole thing makes me nervous. you really should do like what Anti and Tanky did and go to Vegas and let Elvis tie your knot. he is the king.

Mike Cherico: If you choke a smurf, what color will it turn? If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done? Why are we here?

pink, failed, cuz we cant make out with ourselves.