you shoudnt tell old stories

maybe to your grandkids, only.
when youre camping. and theyve had too many s’mores.
i told an old story today at the whole foods
in the sushi aisle and it didnt go over that well.
little know fact: i review all the jokes i told all day
when i jog at night around hollywood blvd.
my brain just has nothing better to do no matter what
is blaring through my ipod.
people dont realize it but i think about radio all the time.
i pay for it. how many people pay for it.
i pay for the newspaper and radio.
am i 100 and 25?
radio has it all. who we kidding
and the newspaper, how can you not wanna know things
let alone, everything?
this girl got up leaving her friend behind at the table
what was i gonna do, just sit there?
if you read the paper every day, every page
you have nothing to fear when you meet a brazilian girl
named rosa
just let your eyebrows talk.
thats my tip of the day.

fortunately i live in hollywood

so the walk from the bar wasnt far
but the margueritas did their bidding
and now i apologize but im with spirtis
as they say.
who are you.
what have you come here fore?
we had mexican drinks and tacos and good tidings for all
four excellent men and two women who were exotic
and beautiful, one who had enhancements
tremendous enhancements
its easy to judge but in real life everythings crazy.
do you know i love you?
so,e people when they drunk, cray
some are super loving . im never tryly super loving
but i do love.
its a trait. like i love margurtas. cadillac style.
my first car was a caddy. im a lucky boy.
weird crazy cray comes my way and im all ok lets figure this out
but sometimes theres nothing to figure out
its just a wave
and its your turn to surf the wave
surf it sucker

a year ago today amy winehouse died

one of the best things i learned from Bob Forrest about how to deal with friends

and loved ones who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction

is to be as loving and as unconditionally kind as possible.

he said no one can be forced into rehab

and for many people, including himself, you have to go several times.

if not dozens of times.

he said the 12 step programs dont work for everyone

but there are other rehab facilities other than those.

anyways, just like Jesus’ last commandment,

Bob suggests that we just love each other.

katie asked for more photo essays so heres a mini fella

karisa was all lets do yoga. i was like hell no. next thing you know i was looking for my damn yoga mat.

afterwards noticed there was some hoopla in the hollywood hills up yonder

as we hiked we saw a fire truck and an ambulance and my esp told me it was a car chase that ended way up top of runyun next to the Unsellable Abandoned Mansion

and the guy hopped out of the car and tried to run down the steep hill and failed bigtime

because why else would four cops be so close to the paramedics on a hot summer day in LA?

and why would a cruiser be interested in coming up from the bottom of the hill?

best part about yoga? the instructor swore for no good reason twice unexpectedly.