she said i cant make love to you, you’re too short

he said too short for what?

she said if we had children and one was a boy,

it’s very hard for short men to be successful.

he said, we’re in hollywood, most successful men here

are little dudes who look big on the movie screen

or on the rock stage.

at first i thought they were practicing lines

because the dude wasnt even all that short.

short isnt even the word id use.

anyways they were hiking. i was too.

and they went one way

and i went the other.

there are empty seats at the olympics

queen at the olympics in london

organizers are denying it, but its true.

and our buddy dan is not amused.

he’s in London and is doing his best to keep calm and rock on, but come on

“it really pisses me off. I’m here but you can’t go to a ticket window and buy tickets. they don’t exist,” he says.

but it gets worse, as it often does.

“I wanted to go to Olympic Park to walk around and feel the Olympics but you can’t even do THAT without a ticket. and of course, there are none,” he reports.


birth school work death

one song you dont hear covered, ever, is
The Godfathers’ 80s-era one hit bummer “Birth, School, Work, Death”.
but in my favorite b-side of all time, its right there where it belongs
right in the midst of a 12-minute medley of mayhem
which also includes a Terrance Trent D’Arby nod from another song
no one ever covers ever either.
“Wishing Well”

you know what i wish. i wish music did more of this.

i know it was during a time in minnesota where The Replacements would do
whole concerts where theyd mush up their tunes with classic oldies
and not so classic current faves.
and today thats done but on two turntables and a macbookpro
but nobody wants that.
winona ryder dont want it neither.

god bless girl talk but
james at 16,
a video you should just minimize, btw
and listen to, as if it was an s-o-s
from a different time
via a runaway radio station who loves u
and wants to show you where weve been
so we can better know where we can go

she writes me the most wonderful emails

cuduhay they say we dont write letters any more,
which is true,

but they whine about it.

oh wheres the handwriting, what about the stationary, and the stickers
and the envelope
and the fragrance on the envelope.

its all packaging and marketing, some will say

or style, rendering, personality


some will argue

if you can write you can write anywhere. on any platform.

convicts use kites in the hole

the indians have smoke signals

she writes emails

and i write em right back.

what else ya gonna do. wait for holograms to get invented?

some of us arent afraid to go for it. and some others arent afraid

to really go for it.

dont you wanna live while you can

dont you wanna be the example for the next wave.

arent we supposed to lead by example?

but as she says

what are we supposed to do, let the dbags have all the fun?