Pizza Cone day today at work

pizza coneswe had just eaten, so we were full

but what else do you expect us to do when the Pizza Man rings his bell

on a summer afternoon

in america.

i wanted some lemonade and pizza man has some good fresh squeezed stuff

but its pink.

men dont want pink


hey how do you make the lemons turn pink anyhows, one guy asked.

you dont wanna know, pizza man said.

sure we do i said.

he opened up the back of his truck and there they were

pink people wiping sweat off each other

and squeezing it into the jug.

happy? pizza dude asked.

so happy, i said.

ordered two cups

and knew exactly where i was gonna deliver it to.

ri ri oui oui

there was a time when all i wore was Vision Street Wear

there was a time when it was the coolest ever.

you could get it at Venice Beach.

even the rip off tshirt place had fake versions of it

the same way they sell fake Coach bags and fake Rolexes

imagine that, fake skateboard tshirts.

jlo got mad this weekend that i was blogging about her

so she said

pretend that my name is rihanna

i was all cats outta the bag baby

and she gave me that look. that PR look.

so i was all, ok ri ri

and we went back to playing Uno

and sipping on mimosas.

later i went hiking with her bff, the yoga teacher.

like me, j,

i mean ri

is not the type that gets jealous


just dont do anything a real blog would retweet

she said sweetly.

even though i nearly choked on my mini muffin