almost every day i give thanks for living in california

it’s hard to believe i moved here 74 years ago

when a pod from my home planet ejected me to this strange and beautiful land.

for a while it was hard to say “yep im a Californian”

and i still dont really look at myself like that

maybe because i feel so lucky, and unworthy.

yes the weather is ridiculously perfect. ive lived in this hollywood cabana for over 10 years

ive never used my wall heater, and never had any need for air conditioner.

yes the people are pretty to look at. and some are even fun to dance with.

the entertainment is so good we dont even need a football team.

but the thing i like most about cali is probably the food.

carne asada, pollo, and al pastor top the list.

of course i miss my home land. and its terrific to go there and relive the past and soak in its beauty.

but theres something about your own bed, no matter how perfect the mattress is at the hard rock.

theres something about knowing every short cut around any traffic jam.

theres something about knowing what went down at that corner and what used to be in the abandoned lot.

and theres something totally awesome about driving down a block and saying

oh yeah i remember that party at that apartment where i met that person and oh yeah i remember.

but whats best is knowing about all the new stories yet to write.

to me, california is about the future.

and thats what i like the most.