1. Sunday, July 29, 2012

    birth school work death 

    one song you dont hear covered, ever, is
    The Godfathers’ 80s-era one hit bummer “Birth, School, Work, Death”.
    but in my favorite b-side of all time, its right there where it belongs
    right in the midst of a 12-minute medley of mayhem
    which also includes a Terrance Trent D’Arby nod from another song
    no one ever covers ever either.
    “Wishing Well”

    you know what i wish. i wish music did more of this.

    i know it was during a time in minnesota where The Replacements would do
    whole concerts where theyd mush up their tunes with classic oldies
    and not so classic current faves.
    and today thats done but on two turntables and a macbookpro
    but nobody wants that.
    winona ryder dont want it neither.

    god bless girl talk but
    james at 16,
    a video you should just minimize, btw
    and listen to, as if it was an s-o-s
    from a different time
    via a runaway radio station who loves u
    and wants to show you where weve been
    so we can better know where we can go