1. Monday, July 16, 2012

    congratulations Teamthatcannotbenamed 


    people may have wondered why there was no busblog fantasy baseball league this year
    it was because i havent been winning lately and im ridiculously competitive.
    so i trimmed my leagues from 14 to 7
    and decided i wouldnt commish any of them.
    i think its been 3 years since ive won a baseball league.
    and i sometimes come in last place in Rotisserie Style fantasy
    so when i got Teamthatcannotbenamed i didnt even realize it was that style
    (as opposed to Head-to-Head) so i was all, im doomed.
    But I luckily picked up Mike Trout off waivers when he was still in AAA
    and i also got lucky with Trevor Plouffe
    and who knew Matt Kemp (my #1 pick) would be the right guy to chose over Puljos.
    my pitching staff was all Angels, but i had to adjust that to incude Peavy and Capuano
    still i have way too many Losses for my liking, and not enough Wins
    but strangely i dont think the guy in 2nd place realizes theres a max on Innings Pitched
    because he’s not going to be able to start any pitchers come September.
    which is fine but it means i cant have any losses that month
    anyways congrats, hardest league im in because theres 10 infielder slots.
    and Put Outs and Assists.
    Busblog League #1 2013 is going to have this exact same set up.
    I love it, super hard.