1. Thursday, July 26, 2012

    downtown los angeles says hi 


    if you must know ive been seeing J.Lo on and off for the last few months.

    mostly off because she likes pretty boys with dancer bodys more than bloggers.

    i can understand but when she gets drunk or lonely guess whose iPhone lights up.

    her favorite place in LA is the disney hall. so i go, why dont you play there ever.

    but we have a little agreement that i never discuss each others figures

    and we dont talk about work.

    lets talk about amor, papi, she whispers.

    but i dont wanna talk about no amor

    and i dont like always having to say what when she whispers constantly

    she saves her voice for her singing.

    its like dating a sexy batman.

    anyways we park across the street from the disney holding hands and just staring at the building

    designed by googenheim or melloncamp or someone

    who knows

    i just know that her fiat looks cute from the outside

    but isnt very practical.

    what do we listen to when we hold hands?

    the duke spirit