1. Monday, July 23, 2012

    fortunately i live in hollywood 

    so the walk from the bar wasnt far
    but the margueritas did their bidding
    and now i apologize but im with spirtis
    as they say.
    who are you.
    what have you come here fore?
    we had mexican drinks and tacos and good tidings for all
    four excellent men and two women who were exotic
    and beautiful, one who had enhancements
    tremendous enhancements
    its easy to judge but in real life everythings crazy.
    do you know i love you?
    so,e people when they drunk, cray
    some are super loving . im never tryly super loving
    but i do love.
    its a trait. like i love margurtas. cadillac style.
    my first car was a caddy. im a lucky boy.
    weird crazy cray comes my way and im all ok lets figure this out
    but sometimes theres nothing to figure out
    its just a wave
    and its your turn to surf the wave
    surf it sucker