happy 15th wedding anniversary matt and emmanuelle

matt and emmanuelle get married in joncy france

if theres one things my friends know how to do its throw a damn wedding

patt os anna shannon me and others at matt and emmanuelle wedding in joncy france

they prefer foreign lands like france or mexico or prague but somehow we still have fun

ben and pat witness at matt and emmanuelle wedding in joncy france

matt and emmanuelle had such a glorious wedding that we didnt even need to eat or drink afterwards because our souls were nourished just being there.  we drank anyways to appease the locals and went to bed not realizing we were sleeping in magical french barns.

chris ann and ken at matt and emmanuelle wedding in joncy france

everyone but anna sang afterwards. i think she just wanted to listen.

oh yeah a castle was involved. forgot how though.


we danced to french pop music under a tent and drank wine straight from the vines

guitars and violins

and said “did we really just see them get married at the mayors office and then the church and then walk through the town as our friends played guitar and violin?”

and because it was 15 years ago we said “well we’ll know in a few days when the film gets developed and hopefully the prints will turn out.”

this is one of about five of my friends’ weddings that id sure love to tivo one day when thats available.

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