1. Thursday, July 12, 2012

    happy birthday Disco Demolition 

    i do not like the White Sox.
    which is ironic because i have like 18,000 white socks.
    but in 1979 the White Sox did something beautiful
    they let a 24-year-old shock talk host from a rock & roll radio station
    invite the city of chicago to come to a double header for 98 cents
    if they brought in a disco album which they would blow up in between games.

    back then people had taste and the White Sox couldn’t draw a crowd
    despite having the always innovative Bill Veeck running the place
    despite having Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersal calling the games
    despite having Nancy Foust tickle the ivories on the organ
    despite having hard alcohol served generously all through the stadium
    and despite the wackiest uniforms – ever.
    they looked like black and white pajamas for colorblind clowns.

    but Steve Dahl, the predecessor of Howard Stern, and Disco Demolition
    packed the place, and people had to sneak in to get in.
    and once they got in and once they blew up those records
    mayhem ensued.
    whats amazing about this video is how little security baseball teams had
    back in the innocent pre-1980s days.

    and just like Sox fans, of course they stole home plate.