i give the dark knight rises a thumbs down

dark knight rises the thing about movies that cost hundreds of millions of dollars is they should be good.

the problem with any kind of work is if you run around calling your employee a genius,

he’ll quickly disappoint you because,


who can live up to being a genius?

“the dark knight rises” had an impossible trick to pull off:

it had to follow Heath Ledger’s performance in
“the dark knight”.

it had two paths it could take:

1) be more outrageous and pyscho

or 2) don’t try

geniuses usually dont try as hard as everyone else. why should they? youve given them nothing to shoot for.

other than complete an obligation, its difficult to see what the dark knight rises intended to do or say.

it didnt even feel like it spent much time to trim the fat.

so they left it in.

and who cares if one of the main characters is continually inaudible, theres a genius at work damnit give him some slack.

and who cares if the plot was ridiculous, theres anne hathaway bopping around pretending not to be catwoman for some reason.

genius dude owes me ten bucks and three hours of my time and he better deliver the next time he puts on the beret.