1. Saturday, July 7, 2012

    i want it in writing, i owe you nothing 

    twenty five years ago to-day the last great Replacements album came out.

    “Pleased To Meet Me” opened with ripping guitar and a smack of a snare drum from “I.O.U.”

    begging to “get me out of this stinkin fresh air”

    while defiantly advised the listener to never do what your told.

    the album had minor hits with “Alex Chilton” (which appears on a Rock Band 2 game)

    “Skyway” is so gorgeous.

    The most notorious song was “The Ledge”

    when it was banned by MTV because of its suicidal lyrics

    but I guess no one in NYC actually read how the big single of the album

    “Can’t Hardly Wait” ends

    heres the demo version, first recorded for the “Tim” album where you can hear the lyrics better

    I’ll be there in an hour
    It’d take half a month there on foot
    Watering hole, scummy water tower
    Said I’ll avoid if I could

    I’ll be sad in heaven
    You won’t follow me there

    Jesus rides beside me
    And never buys any smokes
    Hurry up, hurry up, I’ve got enough of this stuff
    Ashtray floors, dirty clothes, filthy jokes

    Lights that flash in the evening
    I guess we’ll follow them there

    I’ll be sad in heaven
    If I don’t find a hole in the gate
    Climb on to the top of this scummy water tower screamin’
    I can’t hardly wait
    I can’t wait…

    ’til it’s over

    Pleased to Meet Me and Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation were easily the main stepping stones for grunge which would come just a few years later.