1. Monday, July 16, 2012

    murray asks what do you do when everythings working 

    venice beach

    and then it isnt.
    and nothing you do fixes it.
    you try one thing.
    and then try a totally opposite thing.
    and neither thing works?

    well murray, if thats yr real name,
    i dont think you tried the totally opposite thing.
    if the problem involved, lets say, a saw
    and you’ve been trying to use a hammer
    and your version of the totally opposite thing
    is just a bigger hammer, or a dutch hammer
    or a little baby hammer
    thats not truly trying something different.

    think about what youre totally avoiding doing.

    then think about what your arch enemy would do
    think about what your grandma would do
    think about what a man from mars would do
    think about what youd do if you were left handed
    or kenyan
    or buggs bunny
    or elvis.

    do it like elvis and it might start working.