my nutritionist had a small bash at her home for the 4th


and almost to taunt me she whips out

super fancy whipped cream.

but not just any super fancy whipped cream.

super fancy alcohol infused whipped cream

and then shoots it into her mouth.

as if she would let me get away with such shenanigans.

but before all that went down, i got to meet someone who i never really thought

id ever meet ever.

X T X !!!!!

she was all twittering me and i was tweeting back

but i didnt think she was being for serious.

and then all of a sudden at the foot of the balcony there she was

and to be honest not at all what i expected (i thought she was black – like mariah)

instead shes asian (like lisa liu)

and we hugged and said hi but then the fireworks were gonna go

so we peaced out. super fast but super nice. yay!!


she says it was 12 years that we’ve known each other via the interweb

but i think it was longer than that.

i think it was not 2000, but like 1994ish

back in the days where AOL charged you by the hour

and people had 14.4 and 28.8 modems that were slow as the dmv

you aged waiting for stuff to load.

i would click a button and make a sandwich.

i made a lot of sandwiches.

anyways XTX is real people. and awesome. horray!!