1. Sunday, July 1, 2012

    my truest has flown the coop 

    sold some stuff. packed some stuff. burned some stuff.
    and skeedaddled outta town this afternoon before the sun set.
    LA was never really the best fit for her she’d say.
    she made some good friends here but some of them moved away too.
    geminis can adjust in many worlds but especially after ruling over afrique
    hollywood just isnt as magical, fantastical, superspiritual
    and thats ok, LA knows it aint all that.
    but will always be here for when she comes to visit.
    wheres she going?
    wheres she not going.
    shes going to where things are new.
    shes going to where eggs are blue.
    shes going to where theres more of whats good
    and shes going to bring some special goodness
    so if the LA night feels a little light,
    it is.