1. Sunday, July 29, 2012

    she writes me the most wonderful emails 

    cuduhay they say we dont write letters any more,
    which is true,

    but they whine about it.

    oh wheres the handwriting, what about the stationary, and the stickers
    and the envelope
    and the fragrance on the envelope.

    its all packaging and marketing, some will say

    or style, rendering, personality


    some will argue

    if you can write you can write anywhere. on any platform.

    convicts use kites in the hole

    the indians have smoke signals

    she writes emails

    and i write em right back.

    what else ya gonna do. wait for holograms to get invented?

    some of us arent afraid to go for it. and some others arent afraid

    to really go for it.

    dont you wanna live while you can

    dont you wanna be the example for the next wave.

    arent we supposed to lead by example?

    but as she says

    what are we supposed to do, let the dbags have all the fun?