the problem about nowadays is theres no secrets

unless youre perfect like me youre screwed once the spotlight gets shined on you.

this month chic-fil-a couldnt stop themselves from talking about things that their customers simply didnt care to know

wanna know what chicken restaurant customers wanna know?

are you open.

thats about it.

know why everyone likes col. sanders?

because the only thing he ever said to the press was he didnt like the gravy the new owners of kfc created.

he called it sludge that tasted like wallpaper paste.

which it does.

most people dont even know that col sanders didnt even start franchising kfc’s until he turned 65

mostly because they werent successful… yet.

once he sold the company for millions he moved to canada.

and kept his mouth shut tighter.

which is why we really totally super love him.