tinted windows dont mean nothin they know who’s inside


omg was that a crazy day or what. so many ups n downs.

a few super low lows and a quite a few really high highs.

as as libra they say that we just want the smooth mellow middles

but i gotta say sometimes – ESPECIALLY WHEN IT ENDS NICE – its ok to have highs n lows.

lets talk about the highs: all of them: they were so sweet

people are so sweet to me. i forget that that is bound to happen sometimes, but is is somehow!

also, i got to meet, talk with, and then live tweet skateboard hero Christian Hosoi

who was Tony Hawks biggest rival for a while, and beat him, and all was well

even all the drug taking and boozing, etc, until he got caught up in Crystal Meth.

and then he got popped at the airport with drugs and did time in prison. years!

but right away he got it about the bible. like super got it. like omg got it.

we talked about Romans for a quick minute, which was odd cuz i just finished it.

and i said, dude Romans ruled and you should relate cuz Paul (the narrator of Romans) was in jail too.

Christian Hosoi didnt even blink, he was all hell yeah .

im gonna go to Christian’s church on Sunday. im sold. dude was so inspirational.

he just kept going last night as if he was filled with the holy ghost just that day!

it was a wonder. everything he said just flowed out and it was awesome.

no stuttering, no forgetting of words, no ums or omgs nothing but pure focused laser power.

it was hard to keep up.

afterwards i went to sushi with karisa and we kept it real with each other

which isnt something we always do, but we gave each other permission to bring it and it was broughten

and it was nice. it resolved perfectly. we both got to say some tough things

and in the end everything worked out exactly how it should and it was nice nice nice.

im still the luckiest man alive. somehow. oddly. weirdly. unpredictably.

and so gratefully.