today is carrie cakes birthday, shes 24

me and carrie when i first met carrie (pictured) i was already hallucinating.

we were in toronto, the good people of canada had treated me to a lovely evening of karaoke at the cat in the fiddle, major pitt had just sung a sizzling rendition of the marvin gaye’s “lets get it on.”

cheese covered french fries had just been placed at my table and it looked like spagetti.

delicious spagetti. as i said, i was drizzunk.

someone tapped me on my shoulder and i turned around and i saw what looked to be one of the great white north’s best bloggers, who at the time was going as

Miss C.

and mama mia did she look hotter than her myspace photos.

“my boyfriend is very jealous, he’s waiting in the car,” she said looking quickly (and often) over her shoulder for said beaux. “but i wanted to meet you and say hi.”

fortunately a photo was taken or i wouldnt have believed it.

several years later i was back in TO. it was new years eve. the government set me up with a room at the hilton overlooking blah blah blah square where there was ice skating, terrible bands, and later fireworks.

but carrie said hey i know some lesbians who have big dogs and hot tubs.

its a 50 kilometer drive through the snow. wanna go?

before i knew it i was being snowed on while soaking in a hot tub in the mountains of Barrie.

carrie painted us all up to look like the dudes from Clockwork Orange. why? why not?

now carrie is an award winning cupcake and cake artist.

i hope someone makes her an awesome cake for her awesome birthday cuz shes awesome.

happy birthday ms cakes!